You need only the courage to follow your heart. 你需要的仅仅是勇敢地去听从自己的心。

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Chapter 1) II

Continued from June 16th, 2019 1.Mr. Button's eyes followed her pointing finger, and this is what he saw. Wrapped in a voluminous

India Lifted 271 Million Out of Extreme Poverty in 10 Years, UN Report

1.A new report from the United Nations indicates India has made great strides in helping to get its citizens out of poverty: Between

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When it comes to the holiday,people start to think where they could spend it. Most people are tired from work,so they want MORE>>

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Don’t Scoff at Influencers. They’re Taking Over the World. 不要轻视网红,他们正在主宰世界 ANAHEIM, Calif. — When the first TikTok star is elected president MORE>>


Why Everyone Wants to Go Back to the Moon 为什么我们想要“回到”月球? Everyone, it seems, wants to go the moon now. 如今似乎人人都想到月亮上去。 In January MORE>>

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Listening comprehension: teaching or testing?

Listening comprehension lessons are all too often a series of listening tests in which tapes are played, 

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