Rome is not built in a day.冰冻三尺,非一日之寒。

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What Are The Benefits of Chewing Food More?

1. I remember when I was in kindergarten, my teacher would always tell me “Chew your food, don’t inhale it!” My mother would tell

Children with Older Brothers Take Longer to Develop Language Skills

1. Having an older brother comes with plenty of benefits. Big brothers tend to look out for (关照) their younger counterparts (地

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Business 商业报道 Chinese industry 中国工业 Haier and higher 海尔海阔天空 The radical boss of Haier wants to transform the world's biggest appliance MORE>>

传递热量 良好的传导

Science and technology 科学技术 Channelling heat 传递热量 Good conduct 良好的传导 It may soon be possible to control heat flows with great precision MORE>>

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Listening comprehension: teaching or testing?

Listening comprehension lessons are all too often a series of listening tests in which tapes are played, 

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