Expressions Use Hand:与手有关的英语习惯用语大全

Expressions Use Hand


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The hand has been a symbol through the ages and in many cultures.


There are hundreds of expressions and combinations of words using hand in the English language. Let us examine some of the expressions that use hand.?


We will get a hand in this way. To get a hand in is to begin a job, to begin to know something about it. When we learn the job completely, it will be easy for us. We will be able to do it hands down.

我们将这样开始(get a hand in)。“To get a hand in”的意思是开始某项工作或者开始去了解某事。当我们完全了解某项工作时,工作就会变得简单。我们可以容易地(hands down)完成它。

If we do the job well, we may end up with the upper hand. And that means to be in control, or to have gained complete understanding of a situation.

如果我们工作干得好,我们就最终就会顺利完成(upper hand占上风)。意味着一切都在掌控之中,或者已对情形完全了解。

On the other hand, if the situation gets out of hand, then it is out of control. We must act quickly to regain the upper hand over these expressions.

而从另一方面讲(On the other hand),如果情况失控(out of hand)。我们必须快速行动,以重新占得上风(upper hand)。

But, wait. We still do not have the upper hand in this business.


We must consider another way of expressing praise, to hand it to someone. For example: I must hand it to you for understanding what we have discussed this far.

我们必须得考虑另种赞美他人的方式,赞美/佩服某人(to hand it to someone)。比如,我们讨论了这么多问题,你都懂了,我不得不佩服/夸你(hand it to you)。

You can also lend a hand to someone, but without really giving up your hand. You lend a hand when you help someone. You offer them a helping hand.?

你还可以对某人伸出援手(lend a han),但是这并不是说你不要自己的手了。在你帮助他人是,你就是在伸出援手。你在助他们一臂之力(a helping hand)。

If someone is kind enough to lend us a hand, then we surely do not want to bite the hand that feeds us. We do not want to repay his kindness by treating him badly.

如果某人很友好的对我们伸出援手,那我们肯定不会忘恩负义(bite the hand that feeds us)。我们不会恩将仇报。

Now, with that out of the way, we have a free hand to continue examining other hand expressions. To have a free hand in a situation is good. It means you are free to act without getting permission from someone else.

现在搞定之后,我们继续学习其它与手有关的表达。在某种情形下可以自行决定事物(have a free hand )是很棒的。意思是,你可以不经他人允许,就可以自行决定如何处理某事。

If we continue moving along, we will make progress hand over fist, or very rapidly. This expression began in the early seventeen hundreds. It reportedly comes from a sailing expression hand over hand, the way of quickly raising or lowering a sail.

如果我们继续推进,我们很快就能顺利地(hand over fist)取得进展。这表达起源于18世纪早期。据称是由与帆船有关的表达hand over hand发展而来,帆船航运必须快速的升起或降落船帆(以控制航速)。

Maybe you can find a friend who wants to take a hand in our project. It would have to be someone who is interested in these expressions.

或许你能找到一个想参与(take a hand in)我们的项目的朋友。那就是说,你朋友对之有兴趣。

Your friend may want to work hand in glove with us. That is good, because that means he wants to work as closely with us as a glove covers the hand. Of course there is a danger that he may look at our project and decide to take it in hand. That means he wants to take it over.

你朋友或许想与我们密切的合作。(work hand in glove)。这很好,因为,这表明他希望跟我们的合作就如手与手套一般密切。当然,也有风险,因为他可能看过我们的项目之后,就想接管项目/占为己有(take it in hand)。意思是,他想取而代之。

If that happens, we may throw up our hands because the situation seems hopeless. In fact, we may decide that it is time for us to end this project, to wash our hands of hand expressions.

假如发生这样的事,我们可能会因为绝望的情形而放弃/举手投降(hrow up our hands )。实际上,我们可能会判定为是到了该结束项目的时候了,即洗手不干(wash one’s hands)。

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