Try to answer these questions after reading the description of the firm below:

  What areas does the firm work in?

  What is the firm contributing to?

  How successful has the firm been recently?

  Who works with the firm?

  What produsts does the firm product?

  Moving in the Same Direction

  Lucky-Goldstar is a group of 26 Korean companies working in chemistry, electronics, and services. For each of the last five years, annual growth has averaged 24%, with sales reaching the U$12 billion mark in 1986.

  Today, Lucky-Goldstar products and services ranging from engineering plastics, home appliances and fiber-optic communication systems to construction, finance and trade are help to create a better quality of life both at home and abroad.

  We also operate Korea's largest private research institutes, investing 4.5% of sales into R&D each year.

  But these accomplishments aren't ours alone.

  Successful partnerships with such companies as AT&T, Hitachi, Siemens, and Caltex are doing a lot to stimulate mutual growth, while promoting economic development and free market systems in other countries as well as our own.

  Overseas subsidiaries like Goldstar of America (in Huntsville, Alabarma) are contributing to higher employment, too. With management systems that are resulting in greater worker satisfaction, lower absenteeism, and better quality off the production line.

  Lucky-Goldstar. A team of 70,000 individuals working together with companies around the globe. Bring the world's latest technologies to Korea, and the fruits of Korea's can-do spirit to the world.

  Take time to get to know us better. Contact the Business Development Dept., Lucky-Goldstar Int'l Corp., Yoido P.O. Box 699, Seoul, Korea. Phone (02)785-5694, Telex K27266 LGINTL.