Managing Cultural Shock Due to Globalization- Issues Challenges and Opportunities

Culture shock exactly means the impact you may feel when you enter a culture very different from one to which you are accustomed. Culture shock is defined as the feeling of disorientation, insecurity, and anxiety one may feel in unfamiliar surroundings. Values, behaviors, and social customs we routinely take for granted may no longer serve us in our new environment. The symptoms of cultural shock are Isolation and Frustration, Sleeping a lot, Nervousness, Homesickness, Crying, absenteeism and lack of motivation Due to these factors employee are no longer productive in any organization International moving adds even more pressure than a national or regional move It is common among immigrants and foreign students. No matter how well you are prepared there are many things in a culture that you cannot find in books. This is not simply about meeting new and unexpected things, but also failing to meet what you would never have believed would be missing from any culture. Differences in nonverbal communication and unwritten rules play a large part. Culture shock is a state of impaired ability to function due to 3 things – i. The absence of familiar or comforting characteristics of one's own culture, ii. The presence of seemingly irrational, inscrutable, offensive, or even hostile aspects of the target culture and iii. Lack of ability, linguistic or otherwise, to gain cultural understanding rapidly enough to adapt to these changes. If one has been living in another country for a long time - noted the obvious differences, felt comfortable, then begun to realize there are other more fundamental, but subtle differences - finally they will learn that folks have different ways of solving the same challenges. Thus the problem of cultural shock is a major issue which can’t be ignored. This paper is an attempt to investigate various cultural shock factors of an expatriate in USA and steps taken by department to overcome this so that employees can easily adjust to the changing situations. The method used for the study was semi structured Questionnaire with convenience Sampling. The outcome of the paper clearly indicates that there are certain major factors which causes cultural shock and methods of managing this is also suggested by Researcher.

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