The Translation Techniques, Methods and Ideology of The Art of War

The objectives of this study are to formulate translation techniques applied in translating The Art of War text into English and to interpret translation ideologies adopted by the translator. This descriptive qualitative research is an embedded case study and oriented to the translation product. The research data comprises of words, phrases, clauses, and sentences of The Art of War in Mandarin and its translation in English. The Findings of this study show that there are eight translator techniques used to render The Art of War into English. The use of translation techniques and the selection of translation method tend to be based on the adoption of the ideology of foreignization. Based on the research finding, the following suggestions are proposed: The Art of War is an old military treaty, it contains important information and therefore the domestication ideology in translation the book, it will give the target language reader easier to comprehend the contain of the book. An excessive addition of information should also be avoided as it tends to violate messages intended by the original author.

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